OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Poles
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Poles
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Poles
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Poles
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Poles
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Poles
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Poles
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Poles
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OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Poles


Additional Extras or Replacement OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awning Poles

Are you after additional poles for a simple trip hazard free site?

After more roof pitch for water run off?

Require more support for windy and raining conditions?

Have lost or broken one or more of your awning poles?

If so, then firstly ensure you select the correct style and size of your awning, review the area and type of pole you require

Check the Tabs Below with some explanations of the pole types, fittings used and benefits.

Key Points
  • Anodised Aluminium (lined) – A light weight and sturdy product material that has excellent corrosion resistance, all of our aluminium used is a hard structural T6 material.
  • 3d Cam System – Our patented cam system is a friction lock that will tighten around the full circumference of the inside of the outer pole, this will lock on the more you tighten it.
  • Quality fittings and materials used – All of our fittings are made from a high impact UV resistant material; the black fittings are designed to repel the UV rays making your components last longer.

    Upright pole – a vertical pole used to support the awning arms, these all come with Peggable feet to secure them to the ground in conjunction with a spreader rail to eliminate the need for ropes

    Spreader Rails – Normally used to span between two upright poles to spread the awning canvas to keep it tight and can be used to help eliminate the need of ropes and straps (Upright poles will still need to be pegged down)

    Curved Roof Rails – Our curved rails normally mount to the extrusion of the awning and


    F-Shaped Spigots – Easy to insert into eyelets, prevent the eyelet from lifting off the spigot due to bend
    Short Spigots – A shorted version of the traditional spigot, designed to not protrude through awning end caps
    Nylon Insert Ends – Strong and durable, has some flex, can be used for either pushing or pulling spreader rails
    Crab Claw Ends – Very quick to connect, can put on spigot after awning is erected, perfect for spreaders that are pushing out
    C-Clips and Right-Angle C-clips – Clips over the round spreader rails
    U-Clips -– Clips over the Square tube for support
    Peggable Foot – A hinging bracket that can have 2 x pegs inserted to firmly hold down a pole end
    Roof Rail End – a unique design that is designed to fit inside a roof rail bracket mounted to a flat surface, these are great for pushing and pulling
    Bigfoot Cap – these are used on awning poles to slide into the awning extrusion and lock into position when the pole is tensioned