OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awnings
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awnings
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awnings
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awnings
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awnings
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awnings
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awnings
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awnings
OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awnings
  • SKU: ERVSE2.5L

OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Awnings


There is nothing better than pulling up at a great spot in the outdoors and enjoying the scenery. What makes it even better is to know you have a great shady spot near the car. With this great Australian Made Awning, you can do just that. Manufactured using Australian Made Dyna Proof Canvas, that has been tested for our harsh environment and quality fittings that are made by Supa Peg Australia, this is the ultimate side awning for the outdoors. 

Ideal for Utes or family SUVs, this awning is designed for a simple setup. With a UPF 50+ rating, it provides shade to the side of your vehicle. Our Stand Easy ERV Awning has a heavy-duty aluminium extrusion that increases its strength and prevents it from bending or flexing. The horizontal hinging system holds 2 arms that fold out and 2 aluminium twistlock legs with a swing down mechanism that makes setting up a breeze. Keep your set up simple with the awning legs having our unique peggable foot, so no guy ropes are needed unless on the beach or in strong wind conditions. Manufactured from UV treated, Australian made, 275 GSM Dynaproof Canvas which is mould & mildew resistant, the Stand Easy ERV Awning is tested for Australian conditions and designed to last!

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OUTBOUND Stand Easy ERV Features:

Area Coverage: 6.25m2
Pack up length on vehicle: 2.1m / 2.6m
Set up length: 2m / 2.5m
Distance out from vehicle: 2m / 2.5m
Weight: 11Kg / 15Kg
Mould and Mildew resistant
UV treated (Tested for Australian conditions)
Comes with a water-resistant and U.V treated heavy duty Tonneau bag

* ERVSE2.5L comes with curved rafter


If you have a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform please click here to add the correct mounting brackets

Set Up Guide: 


Pack Up Guide: 


Wet Weather Guide:

  • Awning Sizes 2M or 2.5M (long) x 2M or 2.5M (out)
  • 5 to 6.25m2 Coverage
  • Ideal for most 4x4's and RV vehicles
  • No ropes needed to stand (self standing) peg down through our exclusive folding foot plate
  • Quick to setup and pack away
  • All pole, canvas & pegs fold up inside the bag of the awning
  • Australian made 275 GSM Dynaproof Canvas, mould and mildew resistant, U.V treated (this material has been tested for Australian conditions and designed to last)
  • Waterproof U.V treated heavy duty Tonneau bag
  • 100% block out for ultimate sun protection (not like cheap import awnings, this fabric breathes and does not hold the heat like PVC Rip Stop awnings on the market)
  • Includes quality Australian made aluminium poles and tent pegs
  • Heavy duty Aluminium extrusion that won't bend and flex like other awnings on the market
  • Simple to mount and easy to adjust on vehicle
  • Comes complete with mounting kit (fits most roof racks)
  • Other accessories available
  • All Australian made = excellent service and available spare parts
  • 3 sizes
  • Grey Awning with Black awning bag
  • All poles, tent pegs, peg bag
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets (x2)
  • Install instructions, operation instructions
  • 2x Lightweight Rain Tab Strap