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180 Rear Deg Wing 3.75m (1.3M Awning) w/zips
180 Rear Deg Wing 3.75m (1.3M Awning) w/zips
180 Rear Deg Wing 3.75m (1.3M Awning) w/zips
180 Rear Deg Wing 3.75m (1.3M Awning) w/zips
180 Rear Deg Wing 3.75m (1.3M Awning) w/zips
180 Rear Deg Wing 3.75m (1.3M Awning) w/zips
180 Rear Deg Wing 3.75m (1.3M Awning) w/zips
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180 Rear Deg Wing 3.75m (1.3M Awning) w/zips


There is nothing better than pulling up at a great spot in the outdoors and enjoying the scenery. What makes it even better is to know you have a great shady spot near the car. With this great Australian Made Wing Awning, you can do just that. Manufactured using Australian Made Tearlok Argyle Canvas, that has been tested for our harsh environment and quality fittings that are made by Supa-Peg Australia, this is the ultimate wing awning for the outdoors. 

The Rear Wing Awning is the latest wing awning by Supa-Peg Australia. It is an Australian Made awning using Heavy Duty Tearlok Argyle Australian Made canvas that is waterproof and is UV stabilized with rot and mildew resistance. Designed to give you more cover at the rear of the vehicle than the conventional rear awnings available on the market. It unfolds from 146cm to a massive 375cm across the rear of the vehicle and 200cm out from the vehicle. The poles and spreaders are constructed of anodised hard structural aluminium which is light weight, strong and flexible. All poles use our 3D Cam twist lock mechanism with yellow zinc fittings to last longer in salty environments. All poles pack into the same awning bag for convenience. It is all kept in a heavy duty Tear Stop bag that is easily mounted to your rear roof rack. Mounting brackets, stainless steel nuts and bolts are supplied. Also comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. Patents and registered designs apply.

You can put these awnings up with one person, but for speed and safety we recommend that 2 people put up & put down the awning. However, because we manufacture all the components for our awnings in our factory in Australia, you are certain that you will be able to get spare parts if you have a mishap in any windy conditions. 

Genuine Australian Made Rear Wing Awning
Patents and Registered Designs Apply 

Things to think about when buying an awning
Length of the vehicle to go on
Amount of coverage needed
What materials is it made from, will it last
Will you need walls or additional extensions
How will it fit to my roof racks, caravan, horse float or camper
Can you get parts or get it repaired
  • Awning Size 3750mm (long side) x 2000mm (out) x 1400mm (short side)
  • Full 2 Year Australia Wide Warranty
  • Would suit most sized 4x4's and RV vehicles
  • Huge Coverage (5m2 coverage)
  • All poles, pegs and Strap fit inside the awning bag
  • Few ropes needed to stand (self standing) peg down through feet
  • Quick to setup and pack away
  • Adjustable roof pitch for excellent water run off
  • Australian made 275 GSM Dynaproof Canvas, mould and mildew resistant, U.V treated (this material has been tested for Australian conditions designed to last)
  • Waterproof U.V treated heavy duty Tonneau bag
  • 100% block out for ultimate sun protection (not like cheap import awnings, this fabric breathes and does not hold the heat like PVC awnings on the market)
  • Heavy duty Aluminium extrusion that won't bend and flex like other awnings on the market
  • Low profile for better height clearance
  • 100% block out for ultimate sun protection
  • Includes quality Australian made aluminium poles & tent pegs
  • Comes complete with mounting kit (fits most roof racks)
  • 100% Australian made which means great after sales service
ATTENTION: If you choose a made to order product, it will go in our production queue after initial payment, production times can vary from 1 to 10 business days depending on material availability and seasonal demands. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us ASAP.


  • 1 x Set of 2 x Rear Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Awning Brackets (RAMB02)
  • 8 x Galv 225mm Tent Pegs (136)
  • 4 x Black Webbing Quick Release Strap x 3m (WATSD)
  • 1 x Medium Tent Peg Bag (TPB020)

  • Specifications

  • 1300mm long (rear length of vehicle) (5m2 coverage)
  • Grey Awning with Black awning bag
  • All poles, tent pegs, peg bag
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets (x2)
  • Install instructions, operation instructions