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Rear Awning front wall keddar 1.3M x 2.0M (out)
  • SKU: AWPSK1.3

Rear Awning front wall keddar 1.3M x 2.0M (out)


Awning Walls for Supa-Peg made awnings are made for easy connection to the awning using either different connection methods depending on the awning style.

As we make many different styles and sizes of awnings, please pay close attention to the drawing guide to ensure you choose the correct style and size of awning you have before proceeding to choosing your wall

It is critical you select the correct one as this will determine that you get the wall that will fit your style of awning.

If you can’t find your awning type or we don’t advertise the size, style, colour or shape you like, Contact us for any custom work.

Awning walls are a great addon for your awning providing protection from the wind, rain, cold, heat and harmful UV rays, when choosing your wall type consider what is the main aim of your wall?

Is it to be used as a wind break?

protection from rain?

Shelter from the sun while still allowing air flow?

Extending your awning for more roof space?

What is the main area you will need this type of cover?